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Wood Mackenzie’s new data technology transforms Oil & Gas upstream valuations

Natural resources research and consultancy Wood Mackenzie launches the world


Drawing on Wood Mackenzie

Lens is a game-changer, allowing customers to create company or asset valuations in seconds, wherever they are in the world, using its powerful search functionality and a detailed mapping interface.

Pre-populated with best-in-class data, Global Upstream Valuations offers a streamlined workflow that can be customised with the user

Karen Padir, Wood Mackenzie

Seamlessly integrating with other Lens solutions, Global Upstream Valuations enables users to filter, analyse, benchmark and value an asset or company in the same environment, while also tracing and editing data and valuation models.

Ms Padir added:

As the same source data and calculation logic is used, valuation data will be consistent, connected and aligned across all Lens solutions.

With the addition of the Global Upstream Valuations module to the Lens suite of applications, Wood Mackenzie marries market-leading technology with real-time data processing and a world-class analytics platform.

Wood Mackenzie

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