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What is HMF&why is it in my honey-

5-hydroxymethylfurfuralt cereals, bread, dairy products, honey, fruit juices, and also liqueurs at various concentrations.

Many different parameters influence the formation speed ? primarily the temperature. An increase in temperature by 10

HMF is used as a marker to prove the raw, uncooked nature of the honey as well as showing that the product has not been stored for an excessive period of time. Freshly extracted honey displays HMF levels lower than 5 mg/kg.

In the Honey Directive, The European Union distinguishes between non-tropical origins with a limit of 40 mg/kg and tropical origins with a maximum limit of 80

For honey processing some heating is unavoidable ? but in order to preserve the raw character (and claiming this on your label) the heating should be as gentle as possible.

In table 2, the statistics of worldwide honey samples analyzed at QSI, display typical concentrations found.

Here at QSI America, we can help you test the HMF levels in your product and help to provide confidence that it meets international guidelines.


[1]Averaged data from: White, J.W. (1994) Bee World 75 (3): 104-117

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