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The Power of the River: More Electricity for Mozambique

Mozambique is experiencing an economic boom.
The south-east African country

As many of Mozambiqueopower plants.

Technical expertise and many years of experience

In August 2020, Electricidade de Mozambique (EdM) commissioned Tractebel and the Portuguese engineering company TPF-Consultores to conduct a feasibility study for the new construction. Tractebel, with its proven expertise, has already conducted numerous studies for comparable hydropower projects.

The state-owned energy company EdM has been focussing on the project since 2013. Funded by Swedfund, a Swedish development finance institution, the study is to be completed within eighteen months of its commencement.

Environmental assessment and economic feasibility analysis

The site intended for Mavuzi II is located in Central Mozambique, downstream from the existing hydropower plant Mavuzi I. The river in this section is already regulated, i.e. no longer in its natural state. Tractebelaterways leading the water to the turbines. With an installed capacity of 37 MW, the turbines will be able to generate an estimated 100 GWh annually. This amount would suffice to supply hundreds of thousands of households in the country with electricity.

The study also encompasses an environmental and social impact assessment, as well as financial and economic analyses required by international finance institutions.

One power plant, unlimited benefits

The significant increase in electricity generated by the Mavuzi II power plant will positively impact the daily lives of the people of Mozambique, while opening doors to new opportunities to generate income.

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