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Taiwanese market survey on the adulteration of coffee beans

Media report of Taiwanese market survey on the adulteration of coffee beans with analysis result by Tentamus

By the growing coffee consumption in Taiwan, people pay more attention to the product quality and authenticity. In August 2019, a famous food safety media calledfoodNEXT initiated a market research project in Taiwan on the adulteration of coffee beans, following the approach of OPSON VIII that used 16-O-methylcafestol (16-OMC) as a marker to distinguish between Arabica

22 samples from 12 different brands were collected from shopping malls and coffee stores and were sent to the laboratory of Tentamus Taiwan, then further delivered to QSI (Quality Services International GmbH) in Bremen, Germany for analysis by the Tentamus lab network.


The result indicated that four samples labelled ?100% Arabica coffee beans? from a particular brand were detected with presence of 16-OMC concentrations between 223 and 552 ppm. Even though the investigation has not yet been completed, this survey project raises a heated discussion in the Taiwanese coffee industry and also consumer awareness regarding the authenticity of coffee.

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