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Subsea Control System Market Sales Growth Rate, Forecast by Regions, Application & Type, 2023

Global subsea control system market is anticipated to grow considerably in the forecast period owing to the high demand form industries, such as plastics, transportation, energy, textiles, and paints & coatings. Subsea control systems are used under water against the deteriorating environment caused due to continuous exploration activities. To meet the requirements of environment under ocean, the specially designed equipment is made reliable and sturdy with superior quality components. These equipment play an important role in the oil and gas industry, onshore storage units, and the major drilling activities. They not only take care of the underwater environment but also monitor and manage oil and gas wells network.

The major drivers of the subsea control system market include flourishing oil and gas industry, sudden growth in the demand for oil products from oil and gas wells, increasing number of exploration activities, and rise in technological advancements in the equipment. Moreover, increasing preference for deep water and ultra-deep water environment that highly demand subsea control systems is propelling the demand for these equipment. However, complex and high priced installation, repairing and maintenance is hampering the industry growth.

Rising installation of subsea wells is one of the major trends observed in the market. Changing nature of underwater conditions is a major challenge to the system. Complex nature of environment underwater makes the manufacturing of these systems difficult.

A leading player, Osbit Limited, signed contract with Global Marine Group for the supply of a progressive multi-function backfill and pre-lay subsea plough. The plough capability that delivers improved boulder clearance and pre-trenching till 1.7m in a single operation.

Scion 240 is completely adjustable and delivers extensive surveillance package for precise tracking of route and efficient trenching with the help of superior control technology. This technology comprises an open-source modular system combined with (OILS) Osbit Integrated Logistics Support asset monitoring solution, embedded in an ergonomic control cabin. Scion 240 can also be redesigned into backfill mode with the same controls and surveillance package for cable monitoring and trench profile while ensuring complete safety throughout the process.

The prominent players in the subsea control system market are Aker Solutions, HCS Control Systems, Cameron International, General Electric Company, FMC Technologies, Zetechtics Ltd., and KW Ltd.

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