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Release 2.0 of the web enabled noise calculation solution noise 3D online

noise 3D online enables environmental experts, architects, engineers and noise control officers to assess commercial and industrial noise levels with the latest available propagation solution without having to purchase an expensive software license. Instead, leading edge 3D modeling software is used as interface. You can import your own digitized plans or use globally available mapping systems for 3D acoustic modeling. The noise calculation, noise prediction or noise mapping is performed with the approved calculation engine MAPANDGIS of Kramer Schalltechnik.

Release 2.0 provides an enhanced user interaction with noise3D online: The user experience with noise3D online has been significantly improved. The process of building an acoustic model has been very much more streamlined and allows a more effective modeling of 3D objects and its acoustic properties. The new information tool keeps the users always ahead of the game and the smart instructor provides help to inexperienced users or for difficult questions. Steps through the calculation process have been cut much shorter providing the noise calculation results more readily available.

Advantages of web enabled cloud service: Noise calculation is a complex process. While traditionally software packages work on PCs a cloud service allows the deployment of more powerful servers to the users. Results can be viewed across multiple devices and will be available more readily. Therefore, the expert is able to run more iterations of the modeling and calculation process which allows for an improved design of noise protection measures and lower procurement and building cost. Also, there is no need for IT skilled personnel or backup operations. The solution will always be on the latest release level, an ideal solution for smaller offices or independent noise experts.

Advantages of 3D modeling: The quality of noise prediction very much depends on the quality of the acoustic model provided to the calculation engine. Most current noise prediction solutions require the model to be input in 2D which may result in lower quality input data. A 3D model can be verified more readily during the creation process rather than after the fact. The solution user or noise engineer has the ability to look at the model three dimensionally, place the acoustic objects and noise sources correctly into the model and proceed during the process more intuitively. This results in more effective designs, fewer design errors, higher quality models and faster calculation results.

Free tools Spectra tool box and Rough Prediction: As a free service SCI will continue to provide for free two basic noise calculation tools that will be convenient for noise experts. The rough noise prediction tool provides a simple calculation method for noise immission in accordance with industry standards. The Spectra toolbox offers various ways to handle and manipulate octave spectra.

Introduction of service: The release 2 of noise3D online has been introduced earlier this month and is currently available for testing and familiarization for free with formal launch of the paid service on October 1, 2014.

For more information about the noise3D online system please visit www.noise-calc.com.

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