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Positive Signals: Plant Engineering Company Agraferm Technologies Continues to Grow

For more than 30 years, BTA has made a name for itself on international markets in the processing and anaerobic fermentation of organic waste, household waste, leftovers and commercial waste. “We are continuing to consistently follow our growth strategy with the continued increase in the number of shares in BTA and the proceeding integration. Thanks to close cooperation with our colleagues from BTA, we have been able to establish excellent expertise in hydro-mechanical processing for a wide variety of waste across the whole Agraferm Group of Companies”, Eike Liekweg, Member of the Board of Directors for Agraferm, describes the entrepreneurial commitment. “We are expanding our environmental technology investment portfolio to include process technologies which have stood the test worldwide in more than 40 plants for decades.”
Agraferm and BTA have been linked under company law since 2007, so all business relationships will continue unchanged. As part of the increase in shares, the Agraferm Directors will be named as the new managing directors of BTA. As a result, Messrs. Dipl.-Kfm. Jörg Bornemann (Finance and Administration), Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Eike Liekweg (Sales and Marketing) and Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Schulze Herking (Technology and Development) will lead both companies simultaneously with the same areas of responsibility.

Shared growth in international markets

Both companies offer plant technology which is in demand on foreign markets: –German Engineering–, technically advanced and patented solutions and intelligent process engineering combined with many years of experience in international planning and implementation. Together, Agraferm and BTA have more than 100 reference plants around the world.
One of the most important markets for the whole Group of Companies is the United Kingdom. In recent years, Agraferm has developed into one of the most important players in the British market, with a volume of around 90 million m3 of biogas produced annually. With ten existing biogas plants, and a further three under construction, Agraferm is the uncrowned market leader in Great Britain. BTA also has a multitude of reference projects in Great Britain. The clear aim for both companies is to be actively involved in shaping future developments in Great Britain and other countries – particularly in the field of waste processing and the recycling of waste materials.

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