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Owner´s engineer for Orlovka wind farm in Ukraine

The east of Ukraine now has 26 new wind turbines up and running to generate clean energy. They create jobs and contribute to improving the ecological and social situation in the region. Tractebel provided support for the 100 MW wind energy project as owner

The 100 MW Orlovka wind farm (https://tractebel-engie.com/en/references/100-mw-orlovka-wind-farm) is now the third project in the Investment Programme for Wind Energy that DTEK, as the biggest private energy producer and supplier in the country, has completed. Within the framework of the project implementation, Tractebel worked together with local partner Ukrainian Technology Alliance (UTA). The result was an efficient combination of international expertise and local knowledge, which led to the success of the project. This is because it ensured that both the international standards and the special local requirements could be properly fulfilled.
Photos of the construction site can be viewed here: https://renewables.dtek.com/en/business/orlovka/

Satisfied customer awards follow-up contract
The project had a tight schedule: the time from the start of construction in early 2019 to successful commissioning was just eleven months. In this short time the experts from Tractebel reviewed the design documents, inspected the supplied technical components

Since DTEK was highly satisfied with the project team

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