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New Solar Energy Optics technology transforms solar industry economics

The Solar Energy Optics (

The SEO film technology has a comprehensive patent portfolio and it has proven to be more effective than any previously introduced and tested light capturing methodology.

Transforming solar energy economics

The increased power output from the solar panels transforms the underlying economics for a solar park for the entire lifetime of the underlying panels.

The SEO solution has been tested by independent third parties like the Fraunhofer ISE. Their tests concur with ICS

Rinko points out that the SEO technology focuses on controlling and redirecting more sunlight into the solar cells

Exceptional track record




Most recently ICS has been in the news following a highly successful equity capital raising transaction, explains Leo Hatjasalo, CEO. “As we confirmed the overall development plan for ICS in early May, we decided to enhance the capital base of our company to ensure appropriate financial flexibility for the next steps in our journey. We are very pleased with the exemplary support of our shareholders – and delighted to see some new investors joining ICS at a very exciting time. The overall economic picture may well look stormy for many parties because of the Covid-19 challenges – we do, however, expect

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