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New and smart tracking: Find out what time your parcel is arriving

Books, clothing, or electronics ? there is hardly anything you cannot conveniently order online these days, and items tend to arrive at your doorstep within a few days. To find out when exactly to expect your delivery, it is worth taking a look at https://my-package-tracking.com: This platform allows customers to enter the tracking number for their parcel or registered mail to instantly find out where it is and even what time it will arrive. Best of all, the service is totally free of charge.

Seamless tracking

Most letters can be posted without a tracking number. Both the sender and recipient simply have to be patient and cannot be sure of when to expect the post in their letterbox. It is quite different for most parcels, though, as they tend to be automatically assigned a tracking number to ensure that the shipment is secure. Both the sender and recipient can see exactly where the parcel is at any given time ? i.e. at the sorting office or out for delivery. My Package Tracking (track my parcel) provides an even more practical service: No matter who the courier is, customers can easily search for their parcel by entering their tracking number in the search bar.

See where your parcel is on the map in real-time. It will save you the time it normally takes to find your way around the various couriers– websites.

Stop wasting time thanks to the delivery forecast

No matter how handy parcel tracking services are, there tends to be a catch as couriers usually only provide a rough delivery window, which results in many customers being stuck at home or having to go home early to receive their parcels. Thanks to My Package Tracking, those days are over: Artificial intelligence allows the site to provide an estimated time of delivery, while taking into account congestion during rush hour, large delivery volumes following events like Black Friday, and even increased volumes in the run-up to Christmas. These features allow us to provide a more precise estimated delivery time. Instead of waiting in all day for your parcel to arrive, customers know when to expect the courier to knock on their door.

My-Package-Tracking.com is an independent portal that provides free services, information, and assistance regarding the status and shipment of your parcel. It combines information provided by the leading courier services in the World, including USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS and EMS

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