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Industry 4.0 was yesterday

By Martin Krill, Managing Director of Hager Unternehmensberatung and improv.er for the Industry Digital & Technology

Screws that communicate with assembly robots, forklifts that store goods on high shelves, intelligent machines that independently coordinate production processes. The fourth industrial revolution: everything is intelligently networked, people, machines and products.

But it–s not just the globe that keeps turning. Industry 4.0 is standardized in many industries and companies, but now the biological part is being added. Industry 5.0! A collaboration between robots and humans.

For the automation of production processes to develop its full potential, human creativity is necessary. Automated production with conventional industrial robots alone will only ever do bluntly what is prescribed in long and tedious programming.uses the robot – the so-called Cobot – as a multifunctional tool: such as a screwdriver, or packaging machine, or palletizer, etc.. The robot cannot replace human labour, but it can supplement it by performing strenuous or routine or even dangerous tasks. And employees use their creativity for more complex tasks, because that–s where it–s needed.

Artificial intelligence also plays a more demanding role in Industry 5.0: it does not only perform its tasks within the structures assigned to it. Rather, it develops its own solutions through lateral-thinking, independent analyses and also organizes them directly. In this way, employees save time because they can immediately continue working with concrete results.


The next industrial revolution rather seems to be a relationship of man and machine. Both seem to collaborate hand in hand. Whereas one side has a rather defined area of work that must be programmed, the other (human) side will benefit from those results and can perform more efficiently. Sometimes, it is just not easy to find the fitting partner. Is the software smart enough to support the person and to cover all boring tasks? Or is the human being flexible and intelligent enough to really find strategic opportunities with Robot?s results? Even if this can be confirmed, the person must be eloquent and versatile to properly communicate the results and to remain a team-player.


Martin Krill has been working for Hager Unternehmensberatung for nearly 20 years and was appointed Managing Director in 2004. He fills senior sales and management positions in the technology industry and in other selected industries.

Hager Unternehmensberatung was founded over 20 years ago and now employs around 100 people at its German locations. Due to its partnership with Horton International, Hager Unternehmensberatung is represented in more than 40 branches in the world–s most important economic regions and is one of the top executive search consultancies internationally.

With their extensive know-how in the field of digital transformation, the employees of Hager Unternehmensberatung are competent contacts when it comes to the digitalisation of companies.

In the current surveys of the magazines WirtschaftsWoche and Focus, Hager Unternehmensberatung has repeatedly been awarded and listed as one of the best personnel consultancies in the executive search sector.

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