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Hydropower masterplan: Massive potential for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistanared by hydropower specialists from Tractebel.

On 18 June 2020, representatives from Tractebel Germany signed the contract for the preparation of the masterplan with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which is financing the project. Work on the project started at the beginning of July.

With a total installed hydropower capacity in the country of around 1850 MW, 70% of Usbekistan–s potential currently remains untapped. The government in Uzbekistan has therefore committed itself to further expand the development of hydropower. Hydropower plants of various different sizes are foreseen to play a key role in the country

The masterplan for Uzbekistan will identify which capital investment projects can be realised in the short term in order to secure the power supply in the country quickly and reliably. The findings of the masterplan will be incorporated into the capital investment programme of the Uzbek government and the energy utility Uzbekhydroenergo. The goal is a development strategy for the hydropower sector which is adapted for climate change.

Wide terms of reference
Over the next ten months the Tractebel specialists will be reviewing and preparing an assessment of the hydropower sector. They will also be formulating the project selection criteria, conducting a due diligence, helping to integrate the participating stakeholders and providing for knowledge transfer to the interest groups concerned.

The client is contemplating cooperation, during the course of the project, with neighbouring countries under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Programme (CAREC), with a possible expansion of this into a regional cooperation agenda.

Uzbekhydroenergo, and the local hydropower engineering design enterprise, Hydroproject JSC, will be closely involved in the implementation process. Other stakeholders, including government authorities, development companies and donor partners, will also be involved. Tractebel will in addition be organising a study tour for local hydropower specialists involved in the project and will prepare an integrated training programme.

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