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Green power in Arvato Systems– Gütersloh data centers

Since January 1, the IT company Arvato Systems has been purchasing only green electricity from the local public utility company, which is generated from hydropower, to operate the data centers at its G–s data centers help to further reduce electricity consumption.

Since the beginning of the year, Arvato Systems has been purchasing electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources from its local supplier for its data centers at the G”An der Autobahn”. To this end, the company relies on green electricity from Stadtwerke G–s Executive Board in February 2020 of making the Group climate-neutral by 2030.

For a long time, Arvato Systems has been taking extensive measures to make the company–s data centers, in particular, as energy-efficient as possible.The reason for this is that the operation of such data centers is energy-intensive and therefore leaves a corresponding ecological footprint. That is why the company is now also focusing on solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible when it comes to purchasing electricity. However, green electricity and the reduction of energy consumption are not new topics for Arvato Systems: Many of the company–s offices have been running exclusively on green electricity for a long time. And since 2010, Arvato Systems has been taking extensive measures to continuously increase the energy efficiency of its data centers. These include, for example, modernizing the technical equipment, implementing lighting controls, improving the distribution of cold air and no longer lowering the temperatures in the data centers so much.

With all these measures, Arvato Systems has been able to significantly reduce the energy consumption of its Gheating.

In order to obtain the electricity required for its operations as sustainably as possible, Arvato Systems ultimately opted for green electricity from Stadtwerke G–s goal of climate neutrality.

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