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Gaist set to revolutionise utilities sector with mapping technology

Skipton, UK, 28 October 2019: Providing the ever-increasing services demanded by a growing population cannot be achieved using existing UK infrastructure, warned Gaist Head of Business Development Ian Job today.

Job highlighted that significant innovation in key areas will be vital for supporting the sector as it moves towards future technologies such as smart cities and smart grids and to meet cost and commercial challenges.

Job added,


Delivering surveys and professional services to over 30 Local Authorities, Gaist has been referenced for its innovative technologies several times in the House of Commons Transport Committee report: Local roads funding and maintenance: filling the gap. In the past, utilities providers relied on visual inspection but now, with the tools provided by Gaist, providers are able to have an in-depth knowledge and analysis of the state of the road from their computer before any projects commence.

Job noted that whilst Gaist

A growing population, coupled with next-generation technologies enabling the future of smart cities, means that demands placed on utility providers are not likely to subside. With Gaist provide their customers with the services that they require, both now and in the future.

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