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Food fraud in current times

Protection against food counterfeiting is a challenge in the current situation.

Due to deviations in the routine of global supply chains and official monitoring, there is an increased risk of food fraud.

How can you ensure protection against fraud, safety and integrity of your food?

The GBA Group team is here to support you and provide you with its expertise! Please contact us at:

phone +49 (0)40 797172-0

e-mail: service@gba-group.de

For further information go to https://www.gba-group.com/en/blog/food/schutz-vor-lebensmittelfaelschungen

The GBA Group, founded in 1989, brings together a network of dynamic companies providing laboratory analysis and related services to customers in three major sectors: food, environment, and pharmaceuticals. The focus is on providing solutions that meet the needs of the customers in combination with scientific and technical expertise. The expert employees maintain a strong emphasis on providing high-quality service by communicating with customers intensively.

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