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EcofinConcept supports private investor with the purchase of an existing Enercon wind turbine

The wind power plant with a nominal output of 800 kW, a hub height of 73 m and a rotor diameter of 53 m is located at a location near an autobahn in Lower Saxony and has been in operation since 2007. In accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), the CO2-free energy produced is fed into the regional power grid.

The operational turbine on a long-term leased property was sold along with all contracts, rights and permits as part of an asset deal. The purchase, including the examination phase and all negotiations, was completed within 6 weeks thanks to the good and professional cooperation of the parties involved.

About EcofinConcept:
EcofinConcept GmbH has specialized 100% in renewable energies. In addition to classic consulting services, EcofinConcept

References in short: Project management, conception, development, structuring, financing and / or marketing of more than 90 projects (wind parks, single wind turbines, solar parks, solar systems, biogas systems) with an investment volume of more than EUR 595 million and an installed nominal output of more than 370 MW. Own plants are operated in subsidiaries and sister companies.

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