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Controllis launches Smart48 Hybrid Power Unit for mobile and off-grid site power back-up

Leading hybrid power systems specialist Controllis has launched the Smart48-Hybrid Power Unit (HPU) which allows mobile and telecoms operators to increase their network reliability and significantly reduce their fuel costs and carbon footprint.

There are millions of mobile tower and telecoms sites deployed globally. Powered by a combination of mains (where available) or generators (when there is no mains), sites can benefit from additional back-up power from battery and renewable energy sources. The Controllis solution allows operators to add back-up power to both existing and new sites and introduce renewable technology with the lowest operating costs and carbon footprint.

The Controllis Smart48-HPU is a flexible energy storage and power back-up system designed to work either with the Controllis

The Smart48-HPU is a flexible, scalable DC telecoms power backup system. It combines an air-conditioned integrated lithium ion battery bank, renewable inputs such as solar and wind power, rectification for mains or AC generators and rack space to securely accommodate additional telecoms equipment.

The Controllis advanced controller monitors and optimizes all aspects of system performance. It also controls any existing AC generators – minimizing their running time and maximizing the use of battery and renewable energy. The Smart48-HPU is also remotely managed via the cloud and provides insightful data analytics capabilities to help operators really understand how their power network is performing.

By deploying the Controllis Smart-48-HPU operators can save costs and reduce the risk of service outage, gaining a competitive advantage. Payback from using a Smart48-HPU can often be measured in months compared to years with other systems.

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