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Can Smart Grid secure the Mongolian power sector?

This central Asian country is predominantly agricultural and is at the same time one of the richest countries in the world in terms of raw materials. The development of both industries requires reliable energy. A feasibility study is investigating how the introduction of smart grid technologies could secure and stabilise power supplies on a long-term basis. Appointed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), our smart grid experts from Germany are working in a joint venture together with e.Gen Bangladesh and Monenergy as local partner. The experts from Tractebel have already had successful experience working in Mongolia back in 2015. At that time, they prepared a complete grid analysis of the nationwide transmission grid.

Comprehensive analyses
The new study is to investigate the existing energy system in Mongolia and identify the extent to which reliable power supplies can be secured with the help of smart grid technologies. In particular the focus is on control and data acquisition systems (SCADA/EMS), a metering data management system (MDMS), the expansion of an existing wide area monitoring system (WAMS) and the analysis of the exiting utility internal telecommunication infrastructure.

addition, a stability analysis of the existing supply grid and proposals for measures of improvement are also included in the study.

Both, the results of the smart grid and telecommunication assessment as well as the results of the stability analysis will help the Mongolian energy provider National Dispatching Company to identify future energy projects which are expected to have relevant impact on the country

In September the team of experts presented its report for the start of the project, also with initial findings. The report provides a summary of the current level of information and describes the services to be provided and the associated approach being taken. It concludes with an outline of the next project activities ahead: Over the coming months the experts will be collecting more data and acquiring information. Working closely together with the client, they are to carry out the first work on the data model for the stability analysis. Another important aspect is the fact that the technical coordination meetings are to be held exclusively on a virtual basis for the time being because of the pandemic.

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