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A professional geodetic tool designed for worldwide accurate coordinate transformations

TRANSDATpro is a lightweight tool that has been designed to help those who need to transform spatial data from one coordinate reference system to another. In addition, the software is able to change the data structure of the result files simultaneously while performing file-based coordinate transformations. The program has a switchable seven language user interface and a detailed electronic manual. It is network-compatible and supports terminal services on WINDOWS servers. User-defined configurations of any projects can be saved for later access.

Multiple preset Coordinate Reference Systems.
The application offers various methods of transforming worldwide coordinates, supporting nearly all coordinate systems and reference systems for European countries (both EU and non-EU) as well as for the United States and Canada. South American and Carribean countries as well as Asian and African countries are supported. The utility provides users with the possibility to define the required coordinate reference systems in more than one manner, such as by using either worldwide systems or country-specific ones or as GPS Measurements in different ITRS epochs. Another possibility is to generate all required settings for the coordinate reference systems by simple entering of EPSG codes.

The application features high accuracy coordinate transformations using NTv2 grid files. Nearly all of the free available NTv2 files and further NTv2 files specially licensed for the use with TRANSDATpro can be downloaded from the KilletSoft Internet site. Additionally, preset Helmert, Molodenski and Bursa / Wolf parameters can be used to define the required reference systems. Furthermore, the program allows users to define their own coordinate systems and datum shifts and use them for their coordinate transformations.

Easily input in different file formats.
Users can enter coordinates either by typing them manually, or by loading them from a file. To make reading and writing from and to files easy, TRANSDATpro comes with support for the file formats Text, CSV, dBase, KLM, GPX, ArcShape and ArcGenerate. Coordinate lists in various file formats can be displayed in integrated viewers. There is also an included Shape Viewer for opening ArcShape files. TRANSDATpro enables users to view calculated coordinates in Google Maps, Google Earth and OpenStreetMap with a simple mouse click on a set of buttons conveniently placed on its main window.

Reading coordinates directly from a GPS antenna.
As a special extra, the utility comes with a programmable GPS interface that offers support for reading coordinates from a GPS antenna. A GPS device or an inexpensive GPS mouse can be used for this purpose, which is connected to a laptop or notebook via a serial or USB port.

TRANSDATpro can prove a helpful tool for professionals, providing them with the possibility to perform coordinate transformations fast and easy by use of the coordinate reference systems of their choice.

Detailed information about the program TRANSDATpro can be found on the website https://www.killetsoft.de. There you can also download a free trial version. With that test program you have the opportunity to try some coordinate transformations.

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