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Weekend Whim: Last Minute Destinations Close to the UK

We the continent.

A last minute break is often dreamt about in the conservatory on a rainy afternoon, but when actually put into practice they can be act of immense liberation and rejuvenation. So shake off those blues and set the mind wandering to pastures new!

Here are a few great ideas, all around a two hour flight from the UK.

Ah Paris, the city of love! Itace. In particular, a foray to Montmartre, the beautiful suburb with its impressive church at the top of the hill comes highly recommended for a quiet stroll and stunning views over the city.


Many of us know this gorgeous Austrian city from the setting it provided in the critically acclaimed movie The Sound of Music. Indeed, the true story on which the film is based is just one of a plethora of historical adventures that ooze from every building and bar in the city. There is a calming atmosphere to the place, which can be best experienced whilst walking around the Baroque buildings lining the left bank of the River Salzach. If you


The capital of Germany has more recently become acclaimed as Europe itself as a funky, alternative centre full of cafes and bars, without the brutalist architecture that comprises most of Eastern Berlin. This is also the perfect destination for fans of twentieth-century history. The impact of the Berlin Wall on the capital is visible to this day, not to mention the purposefully left ruins of the structure, which have become a sort of mural for peace and coexistence today. History and youthful culture make Berlin a city not to be missed.

Spontaneous last minute break adventures are can be cheap, practical and very enjoyable. Flights to all these destinations average just a couple of hours, making them ideal for a weekend or short break. So pack your smallest bag and embark on a few days of relaxation and culture!

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