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Wave energy converter installation in Heraklion: First preparation phase successfully completed

The two WEC modules, which are funded by the German Federal Government, primarily serve to test the updated technology for its functionality. If everything goes as planned, the revised modules will already be produc-ing electricity within a few weeks. With the successful construction of the supporting structure, the key prerequisites for the fol-lowing steps are now given.

In the construction phase, which is divided into three parts, first the supporting structure will be attached to the port wall. Then the modules are set up. Finally, the modules are lifted with a crane over the wall and mount-ed on the supporting structure. From this point on they can be put into operation.

In spring of 2018 the production of the indi-vidual components, which took place mostly in Germany, was completed. Since the WEC modules are designed to be transported as easy and quick as other goods to any loca-tion in the world in a single ISO container, they could then be easily transported to Greece by truck.

After the arrival of the truck with the compo-nents in early May, the SINN Power engi-neering team began welding the supporting structure as a connection between the port wall and the WEC module.

In the past week it was attached to the breakwater wall with a crane. This now forms the basis for the installation of the module. The lifting rods, generators and floating bodies will be assembled in the coming weeks. The installation and commis-sioning of the first two WEC modules is scheduled for early July.

By 2019, three more WEC test modules are to be built on the port wall of Heraklion in Crete. They will test the electrical connection of several generators in practice and thus serve the further development of the innova-tive wave energy technology.

The project is permanently supervised by five to seven SINN Power engineers at the project location in Greece. They monitor the mechanical loads of the revised WEC mod-ules and evaluate the data on the generated electricity.

After a two-year development period, the team expects the new module concepts to significantly increase performance, com-pared to the first generation of WEC mod-ules built in 2015.

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