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Solar Glare Assessment for a Glass Facade

Large Glass facades are stylish and provide interesting possibilities for architects. However, they can become a potential menace for roads and highways when their sun-reflections dazzle drivers.

Almost every glass surface reflects light. Typically, only a small share of sunlight is reflected, but this small percentage can already lead to dazzling of neighbours or road- and railroad traffic. Solar Glare Assessments already had an essential impact on the planning of solar plants – their panels also have a glass surface – but also Glass Facades have reportedly caused glaring hazards to traffic, resulting in necessary adaptations of the facade.

Zehndorfer Engineering was mandated with the assessment of potential solar glare reflections from a Glass Facade in Mondsee/Austria. The glare simulation showed short-time reflections in the morning and in the evening to several points of immission on the highway. The angles of these beams of light were also calculated, revealing that the glare will hit vehicles from the side. Due to this a driver, who keeps his eyes on the road, could not be dazzled and the glint and glare has been rated uncritical, giving the green light for the building permit.

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