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SGS Successfully Conducts Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Awareness Session in Karachi, Pakistan

SGS is pleased to announce the success of its ‘Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Awareness’ seminar, which was held at the Carlton Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan on March 7, 2012, from 9am to 1:30pm.

The seminar, conducted by Muhammed Aqeel, Operations Manager at SGS Pakistan, highlighted asset integrity management (AIM) services offered by SGS to increase awareness of risk based inspections, inspection data management systems and mechanical integrity management systems in the oil, gas, petro-chemical, fertilizer, power plant and refinery industrial sectors. Furthermore, the seminar provided an excellent platform for owners, operators and users to exchange ideas and experience of asset management.

Focusing on asset integrity management solutions, the seminar detailed the key concept of AIM – to maximize productivity, industrial facilities and equipment must be subject to regular maintenance. SGS asset integrity management services can provide maintenance for industrial assets in order to ensure reliability, productivity and safety in an asset integrity management program tailor-made to suit client needs, helping to reduce risk and fulfill regulatory compliance. In order to ensure reliability, technical integrity, safety and regulatory compliance, AIM is specially designed by SGS to maintain the integrity of the asset in a fit-for-service condition, with an effective asset management program in place.

The seminar provided a presentation on asset integrity management followed by a demonstration of the asset management software used by the SGS team for AIM services. By the end of the seminar, the attendees were thoroughly briefed on the optimization of inspection intervals and the significance of turn-around time. Moreover, participants were able to appreciate the use of the asset management program in the maintenance of asset reliability, technical integrity, safety and regulatory compliance. They also learned that an asset integrity management service not only maintains the asset and ensures its fitness for service; in addition it assures safety and compliance with all relevant regulations.

AIM can help business managers and owners maintain assets through the use of an asset performance management system (APM), which will increase efficiency in maintaining, tracking, scheduling and monitoring actions relevant to asset integrity. Asset performance management systems can only enhance business productivity through increased efficiency in asset integrity and operations and the seminar held by SGS in Karachi was able to successfully demonstrate this.

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