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SGS Provides Technical Assistance for Start-up of Compression Units in Brazil

SGS to Provide Technical Assistance at Three Sites in Brazil from May to September 2012

In April 2012, SGS was awarded a contract to provide technical assistance for the start-up of three gas compression stations in Brazil. During the contract, scheduled from May to September 2012, SGS provides technical support for the installation of eleven turbocharger compressors, located in Piúma, Aracruz and Prado, Brazil.

The Added Value of SGS Services

SGS project teams, including mechanical regulators and supervisors as well as instruments, electrical and planning technicians, are responsible for the calibration of instruments for measuring pressure transmission, temperature and vibration and other measurement tools used to monitor the compressors. SGS experts are to oversee the post compressor deployment installation of additional seals, valves, instruments and gears. Having completed the assembly phase, SGS technicians guide manufacturer technicians through turbocharger testing and monitoring of compressors, running each for at least 300 hours, to ensure perfect operation of gears. After a successful testing phase, SGS supervisors release the compressors for delivery and set-up.

Based on the first-rate experience and competence, SGS addresses all issues affecting compressors and secondary systems which may come up in the assembly phase. SGS specialists make any necessary electrical, instrumental, or mechanical adjustments in order that the compressors operate reliably and productively. Furthermore, SGS error simulation testing verifies that equipment and systems meet all regulatory and safety standards. With highly-trained qualified professionals, SGS takes a pro-active approach to provide solutions to allow for punctual start-up, saving clients considerable time and money.

SGS Commitment

SGS has been working with this particular client within different states of Brazil since 2001. SGS is proud to have been chosen to provide technical assistance in these latest projects and looks forward to continuing this successful and profitable relationship and ensuring clients reliable testing, inspection and verification as only SGS expertise and experience can provide.

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