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SGS Provides Inspection Services for Gas Power Plant in Iraq

SGS was chosen by LANCO Group, one of India‚Äôs most outstanding companies offering engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, to provide independent inspection of equipment and material at vendor locations in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East as well as to manage on-site quality control for the construction of its new gas power plant in Al-Anbar Province, Iraq. The AKAZ power plant boasts a capacity of 2×125 MW and is estimated to require three years to complete.

Starting on March 27, 2012, SGS will perform quality assurance and quality control services during the three-year agreement.

As the world–s leader in testing, inspection, certification and verification, SGS guarantees clients superior specialist examination to ensure compulsory compliance with current regional, national and international standards and regulations. Comprehensive testing and inspection provided by SGS reduces risk and increases quality control during all phases of construction. Furthermore, unparalleled certification services and verification methods practiced by SGS assist in securing required credentials recognized the world over. SGS expertise in quality assurance and quality control ensures that materials, products, machinery, equipment and industrial facilities have been manufactured compliant to required and contractual specifications as well as mandatory prerequisites and quality criteria.

Natural Gas: The fuel of choice in state-of-the-art power plants

The industry charged with producing electric power has historically been one of the biggest culprits of pollution worldwide. Strict regulations have been put in place to force the industry to develop new methods aimed at reducing harmful emissions in order to diminish environmental harm. SGS expert testing, inspection, certification and verification guarantees that these stringent directives are met.

The Added Value of SGS Services

Based on the first-rate experience and competence, SGS meticulously inspects equipment and materials for mechanical defects or regulatory deficits at the manufacturer level as well as on site in order to prevent costly corrective actions during the construction phase or catastrophic shutdowns once the plant is in operation. Expertise in testing, inspection, certification and verification as only SGS can deliver is of paramount priority to maximize asset excellence and value. SGS is proud to have been chosen to assist LANCO in this prestigious endeavour.

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