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Project Lodestar Models A Pathway To Recycle ‘All Plastic’ Waste In An Advanced Plastics Reprocessing Facility

Swindon, UK. Wednesday 19th December 2018 d Plastics Reprocessing Facility.

Lodestar is a Pioneer Project initiated and run by participant organisations of the Ellen MacArthur Foundationt for an advanced Plastics Reprocessing Facility (aPRF) utilising mechanical and feedstock recycling in a single combined facility. The participant group consisted of representatives from Borealis, Coca-Cola, EcoldeaM, ExcelRise, Danone, Impact Solutions, Mars, NexTek, The Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, NatureWorks, Re-Poly, Swire Beverages, Recycling Technologies, Unilever and Zero Waste Scotland.

The Scottish and UK Government announced on 22 November 2018 a irst demonstration aPRF (project Beacon), a major integrated waste facility in Tayside, and Phase 2 will be the development of a next generation advanced plastic sorting facility as a global blueprint for best in class recycling to recycle 90%+ of all household plastics.

Using commercial market prices and published waste data from Scotland, Lodestar modelled an aPRF where residual plastic waste rejects from advanced mechanical recycling are sent to innovative feedstock recycling and diverted from incineration, increasing significantly plastic recycling rates. The feedstock recycling converts the residual plastic waste into an oil suitable to remanufacture into plastic or other chemical feedstocks, allowing plastics to be kept in the circular economy.

Significantly, the research found that, compared to mechanical recycling alone, an aPRF has the potential to increase waste operators

Finally for residential households and local authorities, the research highlighted how the volume of plastics collected can be increased by making collection systems more convenient and allowing residents to put all their waste plastics into one bin

Adrian Griffiths, Chief Executive of Recycling Technologies, said:

The results from Lodestar are helping to guide and develop Project Beacon, in Scotland, working with Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), the Scottish Governmenthire.

Rachel Goldstein, Global Sustainability Senior Manager at Mars Incorporated, Lodestar partner said:

Gavin Warner, Director Sustainable Business, Unilever said:

John Ferguson, Managing Director at Eco ideaM, said:

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland said:
e circular economy. We–re delighted to be able to support this pioneering work and hope the research published today will drive further business innovation.

For more information about Lodestar, please visit Recycling Technologies

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