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Pixis Labs becomes the first ISO certified cannabis testing laboratory in Oregon

Pixis Labs becomes the first and only cannabis testing lab in Oregon to achieve ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation for analyses on cannabis/hemp. The gold standard certification is required by most countries to ensure reliable lab practices.


?We have always upheld scientific integrity through accurate analysis,? said Derrick Tanner, general manager of Pixis/ Columbia Food Labs. ?This accreditation validates our ethical stance and raises the bar for excellent analytical science that the hemp and cannabis community deserve.?

Oregon mandates that cannabis testing labs are ORELAP certified, yet inaccurate and inconsistent data remain rampant. The ISO accreditation removes the ambiguity and guarantees a consistent level of testing to ensure the quality, safety and health of users.

?Lab results help dictate the price, sale, safety and development of our clients? products,? says Wes Maguire, chromatography manager for Pixis Labs. ?It?s essential to have accurate and unbiased data representing hemp and cannabis, and we are proud to lead the industry by example.?

Pixis Labs provides quality analytics to the Oregon cannabis community and national hemp/ CBD industry through consistent data and accurate reporting.

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