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Next important milestone for Go2solution (Kasko2go): capital increases by?2.5 million prior to entering the European market

Kasko2go application is an innovative insurance solution on demand aimed at promoting the idea of safe driving culture in society. Belonging to Usage-based Insurance family, Kasko2go represents a groundbreaking approach to car insurance, powered by cutting-edge technologies; incorporating open source intelligence, link analysis, visual analysis, signal and image processing, and text analytics.

From now on the auto insurance becomes deeply personalized, and it is provided with better risk management and improved fraud analysis. The telematics division has the most precise and complete understanding of global driving patterns, which was derived from 3 million drivers over 5 years plus via advanced data analysis.

Go2solution company is smoothly carrying out its planned strides before expansion to the European market. And capital increase is one of them. Go2solution company received investment from the large industrial group engaged in the development of advanced technologies, specifically biotech, as well as industrial construction. Being a prominent real estate operator the group has dedicated the last two decades to the investment in innovative technology.

“We have witnessed the next important step of the company–s funding. This step is small but rather significant for Kasko2go. Funding is a permanent process the company is involved in, raising money with every round. This milestone was planned and now it is implemented. The next round is scheduled for the first quarter for 2019, and today we already have the first investment applications to be considered”, ? as stated by Genadi Man, co-founder and CEO of Go2solution company.

The capital increase implies the growth of Go2solution company–s value, trust of serious investors, and it reflects the operations success as a whole.

About Kasko2go

The Go2solution team is comprised of world-class experts with extensive experience in large-scale global projects. The robust top-management is represented by Genadi Man (Co-Founder, CEO), Dimitri Wulich (COO at go2solution), Dmitry Bakutin (CEO R-Telematica and Start Kasko2GO), and others. At present the number of Kasko2go application users exceeds 150 thousand.

“kasko2go” is a decentralised platform that allows careful drivers to purchase insurance at low prices. Designed to adapt the traditional business model to the modern consumers– needs, the platform provides motor insurance services upon clients– requests via a mobile application. Official website – https://kasko2go.com/.

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