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Lahmeyer prepares master plan for water resources and hydropower development in Nepal

On 26 June, Lahmeyer International signed a contract for a major project in Nepal with the Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS). The Himalayan country is launching a study to set up a master plan for river basin and hydropower development. Within the scope of the project, Lahmeyer and the joint venture partner Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (China) will prepare a comprehensive study on the topic for all river basins in Nepal. The goal of the study is to sustainably develop and manage water resources of each river basin. This includes identifying the optimum balance of economic, social and environmental benefits and at the same time considering medium and long-term planning horizons. The development plan will help the country to make better use of its enormous water resources potential of more than 6,000 rivers and rivulets and to satisfy the growing energy demand.

Roadmap on Nepal

Over the next three years, Lahmeyer will carry out extensive consultations with a broad range of stakeholders. The intended result is a roadmap for the development of water resources projects, particularly hydropower plants and dams, in the country for the next 30 years. At the moment, the company is mobilizing local and international staff for the project. While preparing the study, the joint venture will perform detailed modelling analyses to assess existing and planned hydropower projects as well as environmental and social baseline conditions and future mitigation measures. Based on the findings, the WECS will be the lead agency for development of irrigation, water resources and hydropower in Nepal.

Determining the optimal use of water

The project is handled by the Sustainable Water and Land Resources Development. Department head Dr. Beau Freeman is looking forward to starting the study:

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