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DAkkS accreditation renewal for Lahmeyer International for wind yield reports

In February, the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (German Accreditation Body [DAkkS]) renewed the accreditation Lahmeyer International holds for the preparation of energy yield reports for wind energy projects. Banks value energy yield reports featuring this accreditation highly. Lahmeyer customers can benefit from that when it comes to financing their wind energy projects.

A wind energy yield report provides an assessment of the potential energy yield of a planned wind energy converter or a wind energy project. The calculations include technical losses as well as the occurrence probability of the energy yield. The customer can use these factors to determine the financial yield within an economic appraisal. Accreditation gives the client the assurance that Lahmeyer has compiled the yield report on a standardised basis and to a high quality. This minimizes the risk of a false prognosis.

Accreditation makes bank grade wind yield reports possible

Accreditation is highly respected in many countries, because it significantly increases the probability of acceptance by banks.


Lahmeyer conforms with all applicable standards

To qualify for such accreditation, the process of drawing up a yield report must comply with the applicable standards and needs to be regularly audited. One of the ways in which the DAkkS guarantees the quality of the energy yield report, for example, is through checking on whether Lahmeyer takes part in comparative tests. Accreditation provides verification that the process of drawing up energy yield reports for wind energy projects at Lahmeyer reflects the state-of-the-art in technology and delivers reliable results.

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