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Contributing to the Future

Press Release ion and conversion. The projects will start in early 2019 at the latest and will help advance bioeconomy research in Saxony-Anhalt.

Continuing to promote what has been tried and tested

The WCH is already into its third round of funding. Currently seven very promising projects are underway as part of the second round of funding. The new application-oriented research projects are also joint projects. To be considered a joint research project, they must include at least two WCH members from Saxony-Anhalt and one industrial partner. This strategy moves the WCH closer to its goal of intensifying interdisciplinary cooperation between regional partners. At regular intervals the WCH tenders projects in the areas of plant production, processing and conversion, as well as social economics.
When selecting the joint projects, the WCH looks at a range of different criteria, including interdisciplinary research, an innovative research plan with application potential, a high relevance for economic utilization, and the involvement of economic partners.

Research in an international framework

The ScienceCampus Halle realizes the necessity of research funding because it recognizes the chances it entails – funding is always an investment in the future. This is why research funding is also one of the main aspects of the 7th International Bioeconomy Conference entitled important annual bioeconomy events in the country and is a gathering place for numerous renowned bioeconomy scientists and stakeholders, as well as representatives from the world of politics. The conference provides an overview of the opportunities and potentials of the bioeconomy, particularly in the region of Central Germany. Here funding possibilities are presented alongside renowned research.

The 7th International Bioeconomy Conference is jointly organized by the ScienceCampus Halle and the BioEconomy Cluster and will take place on June 6

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