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Analyst Research Laboratories receive GCLP accreditation

Tentamus Group a global product and safety firm, has announced today that Analyst Research Laboratories based in Ness Ziona, is the first Laboratory in Israel that has been awarded the Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) accreditation status.

Analyst provides analytical services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, medical device and medical cannabis industry. The services comply with the strictest demands of regulatory authorities in the USA, Europe and Asia (FDA, EPA, ICH, USP, and OECD). The facilities include over 1,200 sqm of modern laboratory and office space in Ness Ziona. A policy of continuous investment in new technology and HR has led to the latest, fully-automated instruments, highly trained personnel and a strong, independent QA unit.

GCLP accreditation now enables Analyst to further support the later stage clinical phases of drug development ensuring customers that all studies will be conducted to GCLP quality standards. GCLP status demonstrates that Analyst operates to a standard that assures the highest reliability, quality and integrity of the work and results generated.

Dr. Vivi Ziv, CEO of Analyst commented, “The accreditation further strengthens our clinical capabilities, enabling us to support regulatory submissions from partners who use our technology and expertise globally”.

Tentamus is a global product and safety group with a core presence in Europe, UK, Israel, China and the USA. Accredited and licensed Tentamus Group tests, audits and consults on all products involving the human body (food & feed, pharmaceuticals & medical, agrochemicals, cosmetics, agriculture & environment and nutraceutical & supplements). Tentamus Group is represented in over 35 locations worldwide. More than 2,000 highly-trained staff members work in over 100,000 sqm of laboratory and office spaces. For further information please visit www.tentamus.com.

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