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The Swag(TM), the Revolutionary Produce Bag, Launches in the United States

ORLANDO, FL — (Marketwired) — 09/05/17 — , the Australian brand behind the revolutionary produce storage bag, today announces its official launch in the United States. This groundbreaking environmentally-friendly storage bag is designed to keep fruit and veggies fresher and nutrient-rich for much longer, in turn, saving the consumer money and time while helping put an end to food waste. Made from 100 percent natural, unbleached, unseeded cotton, The Swag

“We know that air and water are essential to all of life, so why do we suffocate our fresh produce in plastic bags and containers,” said Peita Pini, founder of The Swag”If you want a living thing to thrive, it needs air and water — it–s simple, really. When I first created this product, I was also plagued with the overwhelming food waste problem around the world, and I wanted to create a safe and clean way to help keep that waste to a minimum. This solution accomplishes both of those goals — fresh, thriving produce and far less harmful plastics or chemicals.”

Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, The Swagabsorbs and holds the bulk of moisture, allowing fresh produce to breathe and hydrate at their own pace. The inner layer, provides a dryer protection barrier while allowing produce to draw on the air and water as they individually need, to stay fresher for longer.

“Launching The Swag” said Bassam Khocheiche, managing director of The Swag”With our United States headquarters stationed in Orlando, Fla., our goal is to start a national movement that brings the issue of food waste to light as we provide a solution right in your own home.”

The Swag

Originally founded by Peita Pini, a mother of two based in Sydney, Australia, The Swagste. Australian Patent No. 2015221423; International Patent(s) Pending.

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